#RSCON3: An Amazing Opportunity

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Ontario, but I really haven’t left the house all weekend. Why? I’ve been attending and presenting at the Reform Symposium: an amazing global conference that I’m so glad that I could be involved in. This is the third Reform Symposium, and while I’ve attended all three, this was the first time that I’ve been a moderator and presenter at this online symposium. I can’t thank Shelly Terrell enough for giving me this incredible opportunity. Thanks Shelly! A special thank you too for the team of people that organized this huge global conference. I know that many of you did not sleep all weekend, and the words, “thank you,” do not even seem like enough right now.

I just finished my own presentation a few minutes ago on Using Web 2.0 Tools In The Primary Classroom. I was amazed when the numbers in the room went up to almost 80 participants. Even more incredibly, there were people from all over the world attending the session: from those in Australia and Israel to those around the corner in Hamilton. Wow! These are all passionate educators and administrators that really want to do everything they can for children. These are people that inspire me every single day on Twitter, and these are people that I’m so glad I can connect with online and/or in person. Thanks to everyone that attended today, and thanks for all of your support in the Elluminate session itself and on Twitter afterwards.

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Click on the image above to see the slides from my presentation today. Here’s a link to a recording of the presentation.

An educator that I love following on Twitter, @thenerdyteacher, has created a fantastic hashtag called #SchoolDidAGoodThing. I think that the Reform Symposium is full of great examples of “school doing a good thing,” and I’m so glad that I spent this beautiful weekend being involved in such great professional development!

I know that so many of us were involved in the Reform Symposium, so what are some highlights of the weekend for you? I hope that we can all share here what we learned and did as part of this outstanding conference!